Office Complexes & Shopping Malls
Tracked-in grime is a special problem for office complexes and shopping malls, especially sand from winter snow removal. It damages floors and creates an extra burden on custodial personnel. Besides parking lots, we clean sidewalks, driveways and corners of parking lots too. Using hand labors for finishing touches. We don't vacuum, we broom sweep and remove all debris. 
Apartment Parking Lots
Speed is our most important benefit in apartment complex parking lot cleaning. Generally, we're in by nine and out by three -- long before most of your tenants come home from work. Best of all, we work with you to keep your tenants happy. We will help you coordinate the sweeping schedule to let them know when we're coming and where we'll be clean. 
Municipal Sweeping
Construction Sites
We offer building contractors a variety of services. We can wash pavement, plus scrub with wire broom for extra clean needs, stripping, ext.. or do on site clean up. 
Whatever your town's size, large or small, a regular sweeping program can be a real asset-- because clean streets make for a clean sewer system. Consider, too, that a clean city boosts civic pride means more business and trade in the area. Over the years we've worked with small and large budgets. You can pick and choose our services. We'll work on a hourly or yearly schedule. It is up to you-- we do it your way. Our only goal is to make your streets as clean as possible.
Road Construction and Repair
We're especially adept at cleaning up streets after a mill has removed asphalt. we broom every inch with wire brooms-- not just vacuum, giving you an extra clean surface for better asphalt adhesion.

Run-off dirt and tracked mud on base layers of asphalt is somtimes a real problem for contractors. We have experience and proven ability there as well.
Elgin Road Wizard"  High Dump"  
The Road Wizard has the ability to dump into Dump Trucks or in Trash Bens,  depending on the materials. With a scissor lift that has a 12ft high capability. Also with the Wizard's you can avoid Dump Fees & loading costs.
From Sidewalks To Interstate Freeways -- We Do It All